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  • Canton Fair Phase II Pet Products Exhibition


    On the morning of April 26, Rong Weidong, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Food, Native Animals and Animal Xingtai is working with Pet Products Co., Ltd. to learn more about the number of foreign businessmen, the progress of cooperation and negotiation, and th Read More

  • [Cat Food] Has your cat eaten freeze-dried cat food yet?


    Benefits of Freeze Dried Cat Food:1. More comprehensive and balanced nutrition.2. The taste is richer, and cats are less picky eaters.3. Less gastrointestinal burden, easy to absorb.4. Freeze-dried cat food adding water to feed cats drinking water artifact. Read More

  • [Company News] The pet toilet that knows you best


    A pet toilet is a designated area for a pet, such as a dog or cat, to relieve itself indoors. It is typically used in place of or in addition to taking the pet outside to go to the bathroom. Pet toilets can be helpful for a variety of reasons. For example, they can be convenient for people who live Read More

  • [Company News] Pet Food (Feed) Additive Catalog Supplementary Revision" Industry Seminar


    Representatives of Favorpaw attended the "Supplementary Revision of Pet Food (Feed) Additives Catalog" industry seminar held online by the Pet Industry Branch of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Animals and Animals. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary-Gen Read More

  • [Company News] The 4th China Pet Industry High Quality Development Forum in 2022 was held


    "Content: On November 18th, the 4th China Pet Industry High Quality Development Forum in 2022 was held at Tongwei International Center with the theme of "Good Owners Cup", supported by the Pet Industry Branch of our Chamber of Commerce .Director of the National Animal Husbandry Station of the Minist Read More

  • Small Breed Versus Large Breed


    Collapsed trachea often caused by the pressure that occurs when they jump while their collar is attached to a leash. Prevention tip: Use a harness instead of a collar Kneecap (patella) injuries from jumping too high. Prevention tip: Use ramps to help small dogs navigate higher surfaces like furniture and steps. Read More

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