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Turning Scaredy Cats into Social Butterflies

Views: 14     Author: Favorpaw     Publish Time: 2022-10-25      Origin: Blog

Turning Scaredy Cats into Social Butterflies

So to help keep your kitten from becoming a scaredy cat, you need to socialize her when she’s young. Adopting a kitten gives you the chance to start early and create a strong bond that ensures you and your cat get on well for years.

Mother knows best

Just like all mothers, adult cats need time alone with their babies but you can gently handle her kittens not long after they’re born, as long as you keep Mama cat calm. If she seems stressed by your presence, wait until she leaves the room before mingling with her babies.

A kitten’s best teacher will always be her mom; she’ll learn all her feline behaviors and skills by watching how the mother cat behaves, so it’s better for your kitten to stick with her siblings and mom until she’s about 10 weeks old.

If you know that the litter hasn’t had much human contact, it’s best to bring them home sooner. Your veterinarian can tell you the optimal time to separate kittens from their feline family based on their home-life after they’re born.